Why Choose Us?

  Our company is locally owned and have operations in all 50 states! Our goal is to keep remote internet cheap, simple, and affordable. With so many workplaces and schools going virtual our internet is portable and works in many remote locations allowing you to leave the house and have no problems staying caught up.. NO CATCH it may seem to good to be true but we are the real deal. We are one of very few internet providers contract free and fully unlimited with no credit checks. We have more then 10 years experience with wireless internet and cyber security experts. We are the first to bring wireless internet that is portable to the rural and city areas. All our plans are unlimited Gigabits with no throttling or data caps. We are the largest portable internet provider in southwest Missouri that provides to any address in the whole United States. With our all new WE826 Modems we are striving to give people the best internet without paying too much... We are continuously growing and our servers are getting bigger by the minute ! We are striving to be #1 with your help and with our competitive rates and plans that suit every customer!